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no country without a king

no king without a country

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Name:Naesala of Kilvas
Birthdate:Oct 15
(c) Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn

The Sky's Shadow
Above the clouds and flying high,
two black wings in a bright blue sky.


Naesala is the former king of Kilvas and currently a diplomat of Tellius. Originally not intended to be king, he inherited the throne when a horrible disease wiped out many of his kin and left Kilvas in poverty.

After his crowning, Naesala immediately set to improving Kilvas's finances by making deals with humans. He would "acquire" beautiful pieces of art and trade them to Begnion's senators for hefty sums, as well as sell the skills of his people as a fighting force.

Eventually, the fates conspired against him and coerced him into working for the Crimean Liberation army for free. Later, though he swore off ever doing charity work again, events would force him to do the same for Empress Sanaki at much greater risk.

When the war was over and the land at (some semblance of) peace, Naesala abdicated his throne in favor of merging the hawks, crows and herons into one unified bird tribe. Afterward, he traveled all over Tellius finding atonement in his work.

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